Okay, so I posted up a couple of pics that were drawn by fans, but any pictures that I post up, I didn't draw. I found them on the internet and I loved them so I saved them to my pics(on my computer). I then saw the pics on this web-site and I wanted to show some of the pics I found. Well, anyways, all the pics I post up, I found on the internet. Hope you enjoy the pics I post up! Most of them will be of Code Lyoko characters(mostly Aelita, Jeremy, and/or Odd) and of wolves. Oh, and by the way, wolves are NOT mean and vicious. Wolves will 99.9999999999999% of the time attack you only if you do any of the things listed: you get to close, you attack/hurt them or their pack first, and/or you do any other stupid things(like walking up to a wolf and trying to pet it). Anyway, you should be ex-pecting more pics from me soon! Thanks for reading! I'm sorry if I bored you half to death!

Here's a pic to say sorry for boring you! Well, that is, if I did bore you(and I'm pretty sure I did)...
File:Aelita Stones.jpg