Even though the Lyoko Warriors are supposed to look exactly the same during Replika Materialization there are some minor differences in their appearence. Why this happens is unknown. Maybe Jeremie left these details out of the program.


File:Aelita Differences.JPG

1.The bottom stripe on her chest is white instead of blue.

2.The two stripes on her stomach are pink instead of blue.

3.She no longer has elf ears. This is probably because her suit is from Lyoko, but her details are still from the real world.

4.Her bracelet is missing on her right arm.

5. Aelita has a much larger chest.


File:Odd Differences.JPG

1. His shoulder pads switched positions. On Lyoko his dog one is on the left and his cat one is one the right. But in the real world the cat one is on the left and his dog one is on the right.

2. Kiwi is not in the circle in the center of his chest.

3. The sash on his waist is yellow, instead of silver

4. Though it is not shown in the picture, Odd's claws are yellow instead of silver. Also not shown, his shoes have three small claws on the toe.


Ulrich differences

Ulrich's differences during Replika Materialization

1. Ulrich's headband is black instead of yellow

2. The circle in his headband is yellow instead of white.

3. He now has short sleeves instead of long sleaves. However, his pads are still there.


William differences

William's differences during Replika Materialization

1. There are more lines in that area on Lyoko.

2. The lines on the Eye of Xana are smaller during Replika Materialization.

3. The spikes on his gauntlet are smaller.


File:Yumi Differences.JPG

1. For some strange reason, Yumi's geisha make up is more evedent here then on lyoko, just like the last three seasons.

2. The center of the spider shaped bra now has a line through it when on Lyoko it doesn't.