The Network

The Neutral Network

The World Network (also known as the Internet or simply The Network) was first seen (briefly) in William Returns when Lyoko was recreated, although it was first visited physically in Maiden Voyage when Team Lyoko decide to test out the Skidbladnir. The Network is accessed by driving the Skidbladnir directly into the Digital Sea, piloting it out of Lyoko's network gate, and propelling the ship out of Lyoko's gravitational pull.

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XANA managed to escape into the network after extracting Aelita's memory in The Key; it is still unknown exactly where he is hiding in the network. However, it may seem that he is hiding in one of his Replikas. William and Franz Hopper are also somewhere within the network. William appears to be able to pass through the network as he pleases (without the Skidbladnir) and appear on Lyoko at any time. Franz Hopper seems to only be able to transmit data to Team Lyoko, as he is eternally virtualized it seems that there is little he can do within the network.

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The Network under XANA's control

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A Network block being destroyed by a Nav Skid

The appearance of the network is that of an upside down city. Aelita suggests that the buildings are Network's interconnective databases. When the team first enters the network, it has a deep sea blue/green color. However, once XANA deploys some monsters to attack the Skidbladnir, the color turns red. Upon exploring the Network, the team discovered another Virtual World which had a similar appearance to the shell of Lyoko but with only one sector (Forest). This was the first Replika ever seen. Soon after another Replika is found having the Desert sector, as well as a third Replika having Carthage and a fourth Replika having the Ice Barrier.

The long cylinder lights that hang around the network are Network Access Points as shown in Replika. The Skidbladnir has to hover above the silver platform at the base of the lights where there is a hole which contains a colorful whirlpool; the Skid then dives into this and is able to travel across vast areas of the network quickly.

Like on Lyoko, XANA seems to have considerable power over the network, as shown in Hot Shower when he caused a firewall to encase the Skid.

The discovery of the digital sea in the network may explain the common difficulties of connecting to Lyoko as the virtual worlds appear to move in a current which may explain why Aelita once said "Lyoko constantly changes its access points on the network."

Parts of the NetworkEdit

  • Lyoko - The virtual world created by Franz Hopper and central area of battle.
  • Replikas - Smaller virtual worlds created by XANA and targets of Team Lyoko.
  • Network Access Points - Channels in the network that allow quick transport across the network.
  • Digital Sea - The substance that floods the network and parts of virtual worlds. Eternal virtualization awaits anyone who falls into it.