Core chamber

The Core Chamber.

The Core of Lyoko is a large object within Carthage that holds all of the data of Lyoko that was ever created, including the powers of the Lyoko Warriors.

There are three data streams that beam across from the core that connect it to the rest of Lyoko. Data form the Core of Lyoko usually is dispersed  in this order:

  • A copy of updated data leaves the Core of Lyoko through the Data Streams
  • The data resides in the Celestrial Dome's Data Barrier until sent down each of the four Tunnels
  • The data then travels down the Tunnels until accessing the four Way Towers through the Tower Data Streams
  • The Way Towers make copies of the recieved data and exports them through the cables to Nutral Towers
  • Lyoko's functioning properties remain in all Towers, but only the Data of the Sector remains in the Way Towers to project the environment

Located right below the Arena, the Core can only be accessed via the South Pole of Carthage. If destroyed, Lyoko, and anyone in it, would be destroyed as well. The core is contained in a cylindrical room which has many large bars sticking out of the walls which our heroes can climb up on. The Core itself floats in the middle of the top of the room, and looks like a glowing orb with an image of Lyoko inside. When entering the core chamber a strange humming sound can be heard, coming most probably from the core itself.

The Core of Lyoko is continously protected by two cube-like, transparent layers that act as sheilds. Thankfully, these sheilds are able to take massive damage before being destroyed. When a sheild is destroyed, numerous streaks of red light disperse all over Lyoko, warning anyone on the virtual world that the Core is in danger. Luckily for the Lyoko Wariors, with each failed attempt by XANA to destroy the core, the sheilds automatically regenerate.

In Season 3, XANA tries to destroy the Core numerous times, as he no longer needs Lyoko to function. This is stopped many times by the Lyoko Warriors, who need Lyoko to find out more about Aelita, Franz Hopper and XANA. However, in the episode Final Round, XANA possesses William (virtualized for the first time), who then destroys the core, thus eliminating the rest of Lyoko.

The Core of Lyoko was recreated when Jeremie and Aelita recreated Lyoko in William Returns, and the new core serves the same purpose as the old one and was still a viable target for XANA up until his destruction.

The Core of Lyoko was also the starting ground of Jeremie's XANA Destruction Program as shown in Fight to the Finish.