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Distant Memory
Episode No. 82
Production No. 414
Air Date 9/29/07
Sector Ice Sector
XANA attack method Impersonating Franz Hopper and tricking Aelita into entering a Simulation Bubble on Lyoko with the ultimate goal of having her fall into the Digital Sea.

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Distant Memory is the eighty-second episode of Code: LYOKO.

Plot Edit

The episode begins with a dream of Aelita's of her family buiding a snowman and then being attacked by a wolf, which takes Mrs. Hopper away.

Aelita tells the gang about the dream. They have to leave for vacation. Aelita stays at Kadic, as she has no home. On the way home, Ulrich's father says "I see you're still hanging around with that gang of good-for-nothings." which Ulrich responds to with "I see you forgot to take your happy pill today." Jeremie's father tells him that his friends seem nice and said that Aelita was very pretty and likes him. Back at Kadic, Aelita flashes back to when she was given Mister Pück. Then Ulrich's father blathers on to him about his grades. Then Aelita finds out that her father is on Lyoko then goes to Lyoko and enters a simulation bubble to meet him.

Ulrich and his family are caught in Traffic, which is a problem because the gang needs to check on Aelita because she isn't answering her phone while then he leaves the car saying that he will get there faster. Meanwhile Franz tells Aelita how to materialize William but when Aelita tells him about the Skidbladnir and figures out that its all a trick by XANA because he says "What a funny name", because the name Skidbladnir is in the book of viking legends that the actual franz would read to her to get her to sleep and hasn't simulated Mrs. Hopper in the bubble. He then starts attacking her and turns into William.

Jeremy gets the gang to Lyoko to try to save Aelita, but Tarantulas try to stop them. William corners Aelita with a wolf, but Aelita uses her Lyoko Powers to destroy the bubble. A Blok devirtualizes Yumi.

William corners Aelita again (but with the Blok and some Mantas) and throws her into the Void. But a bubble comes out of the Void (That bubble is...Franz Hopper.) and William and the blocks try to destroy it. Franz drops Aelita off. Ulrich and odd are devirtualized but aelita just in the nick of time stops william who is about to destroy franz from killin him Hopper gets away.

Jeremy then explains what just happened. XANA needs to throw Aelita into the digital sea to draw out Hopper. Jeremy then offers to take Aelita with him home.


  • The boy wearing a red coat from Saint Valentine's Day can be seen during the traffic scene with Ulrich and his parents. Here, he is driving a truck.


  • In this episode, there was an error in Aelita's wardrobe. When she entered the scanner for the first time, she was wearing her Season 4 outfit when she should've been wearing her Season 1 outfit.

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